Anxiety Among Farm Groups as Battle Lines Harden on Immigration Reform

WASHINGTON (FERN's Ag Insider) - When Donald Trump announced his campaign for president, he promised to deport all undocumented workers if elected. “When Mexico sends its people, they’re not sending the best …[T]hey’re sending people that have lots of problems,” Trump told reporters at Trump Tower in New York City. U.S. farmers might have noted that Mexico also sends the majority of the workforce on American farms, a workforce that dropped more than 20% between 2002 and 2014.

Brexit Briefing: Agriculture anguish

Britain’s decision to leave the EU has profound implications for many parts of the UK economy, but few areas will be as heavily affected as agriculture.

For years, British farmers have been big beneficiaries of EU subsidies, receiving £2.9bn of EU money in 2014-15. The UK’s impending withdrawal from the Common Agricultural Policy is therefore causing some anguish in parts of the farming community.

The next food revolution: fish farming?

Sanggou Bay, China; and Truro, Mass. — Sanggou Bay looks like a place where the pointillism movement has been unleashed on an ocean canvas. All across the harbor on China’s northeastern coast, thousands of tiny buoys – appearing as black dots – stretch across the briny landscape in unending rows and swirling patterns. They are broken only by small boats hauling an armada of rafts through the murky waters. 

How technology is changing Georgia's $70 billion farming industry

How farming -- Georgia's largest industry -- has embraced technology while staying true to its old-school methods to try to grow its $70 billion annual impact.

Coming Monday: Farmers look to get the most out of every drop of water as Georgia battles neighboring states over water rights.